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Pirkey Barber’s Sweet 16

Last week, on June 19th, Pirkey Barber celebrated its 16th year in business. Founded in 2006 by Louis Pirkey, Bill Barber, and Steve Meleen, Pirkey Barber has grown from 3 attorneys to 38 attorneys making it one of the largest firms in the United States focusing on the fields of trademark and copyright law. Pirkey Barber represents some of the world’s most well-known brands, starting 16 years ago with Exxon Mobil Corp.’s tiger mascot.

Bill Barber, co-founder, says, “The past 16 years at Pirkey Barber have been an amazing ride. With Lou Pirkey’s name leading our firm, and his incredible wisdom and talent guiding us, we were set up to succeed from day one. But our growth and success have exceeded my wildest expectations. I have been so blessed to practice law with such a bright, collegial, and energetic group of lawyers and staff here at Pirkey Barber. And we are even more blessed to have such wonderful and loyal clients to work with. I’m very grateful to all who have supported us over the years.”

Check out this article about the firm’s founding published by the Austin Business Journal in 2006.